Prologue / 05/02/2021

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“Prologue” is an exploration of constructed painting filtered through the many languages of Modernist discourse. Abstraction in the 21st Century is a viable and open proposition for contemporary discussions to occur. This exhibition “Prologue” explores three studio-based artists’ approaches to unfolding visual dialogues where a multiplicity of readings co-exist, underpinned by drawing, form, craft, and attitude in a contemporary painting situation, which is both open and specific.

Bourély’s journey is infused with every line and every brushstroke, provoking and enforcing the vital signs of movement. Not a single movement, but a shift of collective movements rise out of the two-dimensional sphere like that of sound. Her work is clarity of obeying and selective abeyances, as she uses and suspends from that ‘contortionists’ direction’. What is performed in a concert hall, is indulged by the intimacy of the musician and their instrument, and then through the movement of sound is what provokes the inspector to their next, most current indulgence.