The restless forgetfulness of what we exile / 22/03/2019

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The restless oblivion of WHAT exiles us

The “ WHAT ”  of the sentence is the purpose of the exhibition.

I am an exile in my studio, and also in my life since I live in a country that is not my own.
The more I live abroad, the more I feel French.

In the same way, exile in my studio is a personal necessity for me to express, through my art, all that defines the WHAT it is that lives within me. WHAT made my history, WHAT wove my memories, WHAT makes my hopes and WHAT feeds my fears, of the world, near or far…

I exile myself in order to understand how to express my uniqueness.

This uniqueness which I chase it and i express in my art with pencils, paint, ink, water, miscellaneous papers…with the gesture, with the evolution of my reflection, with the vibration of my soul which clicks, or not, in response to an aesthetic.

I must navigate the turbulence of doubt which lies between my conscious and unconscious states of mind, to assert my difference in a powerful gesture.

For the gesture to say what it has to say, it must FORGET the WHAT in order to find its freedom (the letting go sought by the artist).

Such oblivion is therefore restless!
My uniqueness cannot be shared unless it conforms with the affirmation of my difference. If I fake it, I’m not saying anything. This striving for authenticity in my approach, my journey and my action enables a dialogue with the Other(s).

In order to be plural… Let’s be singular