A glimmer of hope leads to everything, scaring away habits of mortality / 15/05/2015

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To Leave, to walk straight and to arrive somewhere.
To arrive elsewhere rather than never to arrive.
To arrive where you didn’t expect to go rather than not to arrive. Above all, to arrive. Anything, rather than roam. But the biggest mistake would yet be to err: that is its very nature and the seed of its secret.

The whole question is precisely to know whether thinking is better anywhere other than in the middle of a forest.

The whole question is in fact to know whether or not thinking itself enters into certain conditions,whether it is subject to certain general conditions of man and being, which are organic conditions,of which one would precisely be that anything is better than to turn in circles.

Charles Péguy, Note sur M. Bergson




Exhibition’s works on canvas

Life in Venezuela, publication femme expat.com